2017 Charge Conferences


The 2016 Book of Discipline states that "The District Superintendent shall fix the time of meetings of the Charge Conference" (Para. 246.4). This fall, Charge Conferences will be held in four connectional groups to enable ongoing opportunities to work with, and learn from, one another. You are strongly encouraged to work with the date and location assigned.  Any changes that must be made will require the Superintendent's approval. To encourage broader participation by all members of your church, the Charge Conference will be convened as a Church Conference, thus extending the vote to all local church members present at the meeting. (Para. 248, 2016 Book of Discipline).  You will find the 2017 schedule below.

*Please note that a signed copy of Form I (Pastoral Support) should be submitted to the District Office one week prior to the Church Conference.  The accompanying Resolutions (Housing Allowance/Housing Exclusion and Accountable Reimbursement) must be fully completed, signed, and submitted to the District Office staff the day of the Church Conference.