2018 Charge Conferences


The 2016 Book of Discipline states that "The District Superintendent shall fix the time of meetings of the Charge Conference" (Para. 246.4). This fall, Charge Conferences will again be held in four connectional groups to enable ongoing opportunities to work with, and learn from, one another. You are strongly encouraged to work with the date and location assigned.  Any changes that must be made will require the Superintendent's approval. To encourage broader participation by all members of your church, the Charge Conference will be convened as a Church Conference, thus extending the vote to all local church members present at the meeting. (Para. 248, 2016 Book of Discipline).  You will find the 2018 schedule below.


-  Email a copy of the 2019 Form I (may be unsigned) to Wendy at the District Office one week
    prior to your charge conference for review by the Superintendent.  

Required  forms to be submitted online through your Church Dashboard include:
    -  Board of Trustees Report 
    -  Church Membership Report
    -  Historian Report 
    -  Mission and Ministry Plan for 2019 

-  Optional forms that may be submitted online through your Church Dashboard include:
    -  Certified Lay Minister Report
    -  Lay Servant/Speaker Recommendation
    -  Ministry Enlistment Report
    -  School for Lay Ministry Report

Required forms to be submitted at your charge conference (with appropriate signatures).
    These may be found here.

    -  2019 Form I 
    -  Leadership Information Report 
    -  Resolution on Accountable Reimbursement (if dollar amount or pastor has changed)
    -  Resolution on Church-Owned Housing Exclusion for 2019 (if your pastor lives in a parsonage)
    -  Resolution on Clergy-Owned Housing Allowance/Exclusion for 2019 (if  your pastor lives in own home)
    Please provide these on white paper (may be printed on both sides) and with NO STAPLES OR BINDING. 

-  Optional forms that may be submitted at your charge conference. These may be found here.
    -  Certified Lay Servant Annual Report (required only if you have a CLM in your congregation)
    -  Lay Speaker Annual Report (required only if you have a Lay Speaker in your congregation)

-  Required forms to be submitted by November 1st (not to be included in charge conference packets)
    These may be found here.
-  Annual Parsonage Inspection (if your church has a parsonage)
    -  S/PPRC Appointment Advisory Consultation 

Here is a link to the 2018 Central District Charge Conference Minutes template.


November 4 2:00 PM Van Meter UMC Adel UMC
      Booneville UMC
      Dallas Center UMC
      DeSoto UMC
      Dexter UMC
      Fairview UMC
      Granger, Emmanuel UMC
      Grimes UMC
      Johnston River of Life UMC
      Madrid, Hopkins Grove UMC
      Minburn UMC
      Perry, First UMC
      Redfield UMC
      Rippey UMC
      Van Meter UMC
      Waukee UMC
      Woodward UMC